Steps to Take After a Construction Site Injury

As the head of a construction crew, your duties involve keeping the employees safe and free from danger at all times. While there are many risks on the construction site, there’s just as many easy ways to prevent them. But, what happens when the unfortunate occurs? You should know how to take care of this situation in the proper manner.

First, make sure the injured person gets medical attention at once. Call 9-1-1 if necessary or ensure they get the proper transportation to the doctor or emergency facility. You’ll need to fill out an incident report, but first things first. Nothing is more important than medical attention when there is an injury. Once this is done, complete an incident report and begin the proper process of filing insurance.

You should also conduct an accident investigation canonsburg pa. With proper training, you should have the expertise to do your own investigation to suffice, but there are professionals who can provide service if you prefer. An investigation helps determine what caused the problem in the first place and identifies other important information.

Correct anything that is damaged in the accident or that was damaged that may have caused the accident. It’s probably a good time to go over safety rules and regulations with employees and give them a refresher course of information. It’s easy to forget things or to fail to understand their importance when you have a job to do.

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Keeping everyone safe on the construction site day in and day out is important and these steps are a small price to pay to ensure this happens. Make sure this information is used to help keep everyone safe and respond properly to an accident or mishap that does occur.