Don’t Face Domestic Abuse Charges Without an Attorney Present

Domestic abuse occurs when physical harm or imminent threats of physical harm are threatened upon someone with whom you’ve had a sexual or intimate relationship with. In Florida, thousands of men and women are arrested and charged with domestic abuse each year. Consequences for a conviction could result in up to 11 months, 29 days in jail if it is a misdemeanor charge or considerably longer if the charge becomes a felony. In either case it is essential to hire a domestic abuse lawyer hernando county fl to represent you in this matter.

Time in jail isn’t the only punishment for a domestic abuse conviction. Those who are convinced of the charge may also be ordered to attend anger management classes or other types of classes, pay fines, and be left with a tarnished criminal record that follows them everywhere they go. Probation is yet another risk that comes after a conviction. Sometimes, domestic abuse charges are filed simply because a situation got out of hand or there were other factors in the case. Don’t suffer the repercussions of such an ordeal when a lawyer can help you through the case.

domestic abuse lawyer hernando county fl

Lawyers ensure that you go to court prepared to answer this charge. They’ll help prepare a defense strategy to use in court that can aid in the case as well. And, they’ll ensure the facts of the matter are presented to the courts and that your voice is heard in the matter.  Domestic abuse charges are very serious. Make sure you treat the situation as serious as it really is and go to court with a lawyer by your side. It makes a tremendous difference in the outcome of the case as well as the peace of mind you sustained.